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The Food-Energy-Water (FEW) Nexus is defined by the complex interactions and interdependencies of basic resource provisioning systems that tend to be managed and regulated independently of one another. Coupled with maintaining ecosystem services, enhancing food, energy, and water security for the planet’s growing population represents a grand research challenge. With a focus on ecosystem services affected by climate change, two interdisciplinary FEW Nexus projects are briefly presented -- one informing decision making at the household level and the other informing water resources planning and stakeholder consensus at the regional level. At the household level, environmental impact models help to identify “hot spots” in consumption behavior. At the regional level, a water resource system model of South Florida evaluates the trade-off space for the multiple objectives of mitigating climate change and enhancing food, energy, and water services.


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Food-Energy-Water Nexus approaches to climate change mitigation and adaptation



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