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A Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Elite Mass Spectrometer (high-resolution Orbitrap Elite MS) and a Dionex UltiMate 3000 two-dimensional liquid chromatographic (2d LC) system were recently acquired. The Orbitrap Elite MS is a hybrid instrument, which includes a dual pressure linear ion trap MS and a compact high-field Orbitrap MS. The instrument design enables high-quality, fast MSn characterization with ultrahigh resolution measurements (R = 240,000 at m/z 400) for mass measurements with less than 1 ppm mass error. Therefore, the instrument has the qualitative capability to identify molecular formulas and structure and, when paired with modern chromatography, provides quantitative assessment of analytes. Quantitative measurements of trace molecules in complex mixtures require advanced chromatography methods, which can be developed with the new high-end 2-D LC. The combination of 2-D LC and Orbitrap Elite MS allows for separation, detection and quantification of a wide range of sample analytes for studies involving metabolomics, environmental and atmospheric samples to proteomic applications.



Introducing the new 2D-liquid chromatograph and high-resolution mass spectrometer in the Chemical Advanced Resolution Methods (ChARM) core facility at Michigan Tech

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