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I specialize in the field of energy economics and the macroeconomy. Currently I am researching the demand and supply side effects of oil markets. I examine the impact of demand and supply shocks in the crude oil market on industrial production in the US and other OECD countries (as opposed to treating oil price shocks as exogenous). My work examines the functional form & structural stability of the relationship between oil prices and the economy using disaggregated data. My research agenda includes the effect of oil prices on labor markets; role of energy policy; and effects of steel prices on the economy. In addition to energy economics, I have presented and written papers in areas of economics education, worked on an inter-disciplinary research project on bottled water use in Mexico, and co-authored a white paper describing the results and conclusions from an NSF funded food-energy-water nexus workshop at Michigan Tech.


Business | Economics

Energy and the macroeconomy



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