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My work is based on the premise that capitalism has outlived its utility and society needs new normative frameworks of organizing for building a just, sustainable, and prosperous world. Social ventures offer a vehicle for addressing the grand challenges such as global health, sustainable agriculture, clean technology, and financial inclusion through co-opting capitalism while serving societies. By explicitly and simultaneously focusing on social/environmental impact, underserved markets, and financial sustainability, they disrupt markets, products, and funding models. This has also led to a growth in impact investors and alternative legal forms of incorporation such as the Benefit Corporation, L3C, and Social Purpose Corporation. By co-opting capitalism, these sneaky ventures focus attention on big issues that matter while being financially sustainable. Co-optation also carries with it the danger of being co-opted and requires vigilance on the part of the founders.


Business | Economics

Co-opting capitalism through sneaky social ventures: Possibilities and challenges



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