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The application of line-start permanent magnet synchronous motors (LSPMSMs) is rapidly spreading due to their advantages of high efficiency, high operational power factor, being self-starting, rendering them as highly needed in many applications in recent years. Although there have been standard methods for the identification of parameters of synchronous and induction machines, most of them do not apply to LSPMSMs. This paper presents a study and analysis of different parameter identification methods for interior mount LSPMSM. Experimental tests have been performed in the laboratory on a 1-hp interior mount LSPMSM. The measurements have been validated by investigating the performance of the machine under different operating conditions using a developed qd0 mathematical model and an experimental setup. The dynamic and steady-state performance analyses have been performed using the determined parameters. It is found that the experimental results are close to the mathematical model results, confirming the accuracy of the studied test methods. Therefore, the output of this study will help in selecting the proper test method for LSPMSM.

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