Solar PV-diesel hybrid systems for the Nigerian private sector: An impact assessment

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This research examines the impact of Nigerian private sector investment in captive power generation from solar photovoltaic (PV) and diesel generator (DG) hybrid energy systems. The study assesses the economic viability of solar PV-DG hybrid systems among Nigerian private companies using levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and analyzes policies that can facilitate solar PV investment as a bottom-up approach to Nigeria's energy development. Forty (40) private companies across Nigeria were surveyed to examine potential the fuel savings that hybrid of PV and DG can achieve. Out of the surveyed companies, three cases representing different load factors were selected and modelled in HOMER Pro to obtain LCOE for each case study. The research findings indicate that electricity generation deficiencies for Nigerian business consumers can be addressed with available renewable energy solar resources. A savings between € 0.002 and 0.009/kWh was achieved from the three-case study. Adequate policy to support investment is both necessary and possible for achieving increased solar PV adoption for highly willing Nigerian private sector.

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Energy Policy