Superhydrophobicity of boron nitride nanotubes drown on silicon substrates

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Partially vertical aligned boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) on Si substrates are found to be superhydrophobic in contrast to boron nitride (BN) thin films. While the hexagonal-phase BN films are partially wetted by water with advancing contact angle of about 50°, partially vertically aligned BNNTs can achieve superhydrophobic state with advancing water contact angle exceeding 150°. Our results show that the pH value of water does not affect the wetting characteristics of BNNTs. Since BN is chemically inert, resistive to oxidation up to 900 °C, and transparent to visible−UV light, BNNTs could potentially be useful as self-cleaning, transparent, insulating, anticorrosive coatings under rigorous chemical and thermal conditions.

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