Fluctuations of differential phase and radar measurements of precipitation

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The 􀀁fie d!ff'e􀀅en􀀆al polari􀀉tion phase shift KoP has been suggested as a possible estimator of rainfall as w􀁧ll as 􀁨 rain-had d!SCl"! . mtnator m several recent studies. Here, the complex multivariate Gaussian model, used wide!Y tn commu􀁹ication theory 􀁻nd statistical optics, is applied for modeling K0p caused by precipitation. Specifi􀂄ly, the width of􀂆he m􀂇nal phase probability density function is used to estimate ,t,0p (cumulative differential P􀂏) fluctuations. !his results in suboptimal but simple expressions, which highlight the dependence of 1/>r,p fluctuations on the magnitude of the HV (horizontal-vertical) cross-correlation coefficient I PHV j. Statistical arguments are 􀀦rated from the eff'􀀩 of radar wavelength and Doppler spread. Implications of 4>r,p fluctuations on 􀀷

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Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology


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