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The present invention provides compositions and methods for producing a transgenic plant that exhibits altered characteristics resulting from over expression or under expression of a novel polypeptide PtM3 or its homolog PtM4. The altered characteristics resulting from over-expression include at least one of the ability to convert axillary mer- istem to floral meristem; to accelerate flowering i.e., early flowering; to increase fruit production; to increase nut production; to increase seed output; to increase branching; to increase flower production; to increase fruit yield; to increase flower yield and a combination thereof. The altered characteristics resulting from suppressed expression include at least one of complete sterility; partial sterility (sterility of only one sex of a bisexual plant); reduced pollen production; decreased flowering; increased biomass and combinations thereof. Furthermore, once the transgenic plant is sterile, additional exogenous sequences may be incorporated into the sterile plant genome, resulting in other desired plant characteristics. Related promoter, gene constructs, methods, antibodies and kits are also provided.

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US 7,057,087 B2


Board of Control of Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI (US)

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Application of aspen MADS-box genes to alter reproduction and development in trees



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