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A method for designing feedforward and feedback controllers for integration of stochastic sources and loads into a nonlinear networked AC/DC microgrid system is provided. A reduced order model for general networked AC/DC microgrid systems is suitable for HSSPFC control design. A simple feedforward steady state solution is utilized for the feedforward controls block. Feedback control laws are provided for the energy storage systems. A HSSPFC controller design is implemented that incorporates energy storage systems that provides static and dynamic stability conditions for both the DC random stochastic input side and the AC random stochastic load side. Transient performance was investigated for the feedforward/feedback control case. Numerical simulations were performed and provided power and energy storage profile requirements for the networked AC/DC microgrid system overall performance. The HSSPFC design can be implemented in the Matlab/Simulink environment that is compatible with real time simulation/controllers.

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US 10,666,054 B2


National Technology & Engineering Solutions of Sandia, LLC


Michigan Technological University

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Nonlinear power flow control for networked AC/DC microgrids

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