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A system for identifying a particle. The system includes a microfluidic device; a microelectrode array including a plurality of electrodes, the microelectrode array disposed within the microfluidic device; a plurality of particles suspended in a solution and delivered to the microelectrode array using the microfluidic device; a signal generator operatively coupled to the microelectrode array; a particle detector adjacent to the microelectrode array; and a controller in operative communication with the signal generator and the particle detector. The controller is configured to apply an oscillating voltage signal to the microelectrode array between a low frequency and a high frequency at a sweep rate, wherein the sweep rate is no more than a maximum sweep rate, and determine a distribution of the plurality of particles relative to the microelectrode array at a plurality of frequency levels between the low frequency and the high frequency.

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US 10,012613 B2


Michigan Technological University

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Chemical Engineering


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Methods and systems for identifying a particle using dielectrophoresis



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