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To produce metallic iron from iron ore, a composition comprising a mass of material formed from a mixture of iron ore particles and particles of a reductant that is either a biomass material in particulate form or a plastic resinous material in particulate form is used. The reductant can also be a mixture of biomass material and resin in any proportions. The mass of material comprises at least one body having a shape adapted for smelting such as pellets, briquettes, pieces or lumps. The pellets have sufficient cohesion to maintain the shape into which they have been formed. The invention also provides a new method for smelting iron from its ore which comprises subdividing the ore into particles of a selected size, mixing the subdivided ore particles with particles of a biomass material or particles of a plastic resinous material or with mixtures thereof, forming a mass of the mixture into at least one body with a shape that is suited for smelting in a furnace and placing the body in a furnace and exposing it to sufficient heat to bring the iron therein to smelting temperature within the furnace to thereby produce metallic iron directly from the ore.

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Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI (US)

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Production of iron using environmentally-benign renewable or recycled reducing agents