Extending the satellite-based time series of harmful algal bloom extents in the Great Lakes

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The ability to generate maps of harmful algal blooms (HABs) in the Great Lakes using predictive HAB algorithms with ocean color satellite imagery has advanced significantly in recent years. However, these algorithms have mostly been developed for use with the MODIS and MERIS instruments, both of which were launched in 2002. To extend the time series of HAB extent data further back in time, the MTRI HAB algorithm was adapted for use with imagery collected by the SeaWiFS instrument launched in mid-1997. The combination of the SeaWiFS-based HAB product with MTRI's previous MODIS-based HAB product provides a continuous HAB extent dataset from mid-1997 to the present that provides improved historical context for the recent large algal blooms in the Western Basin of Lake Erie. The MODIS and SeaWiFS products will be compared and the longer-term trends in HAB occurrence in the Western Basin as well as Saginaw Bay and Green Bay discussed.

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IAGLR 58th Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research