Initial results from the workshop on Developing a Great Lakes remote sensing community

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The state of the science of remote sensing of inland waters, particularly the Great Lakes, has progressed significantly over the past decade in step with satellite infrastructure, freshwater optical algorithms, radar and lidar data, and increasingly capable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). However, despite the above and the current efforts to coordinate research and facilitate data sharing, the evolution of a remote sensing community in the Great Lakes is still in its early stages.This presentation communicates the results from two workshops on remote sensing of inland water quality focused on the Great Lakes. These workshops aimed to accelerate the formation of this community and further the advancement of remote sensing of water quality. Attendees included data generators and data users from the federal and state agencies, academia, water monitoring programs, tribal and other stakeholder organizations, regulatory bodies, and international organizations. The workshop will generate a summary white paper with recommendations for consideration by the 2017 NASA Earth Science Decadal Survey. The workshops are associated with an interactive website to provide access to previous and current workshop documents and serve as a platform for collaboration on a continuing basis.

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IAGLR 57th Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research