MichiganView bring remote sensing and invasive species monitoring to the classroom

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MichiganView is a statewide consortium of academic member institutions. Its mission is to promote the use and further the science of remote sensing technologies in Michigan schools, governments, and industry. One of MichiganView's primary goals is to introduce K-12 students to remote sensing through exciting and curriculum appropriate hands-on activities. This poster presents the results of a project conducted with fifth-grade students from Wixom, Michigan. By working with teachers, MichiganView was able to develop age-appropriate lessons on remote sensing and wetland ecology. Students were taught basics of remote sensing, such as how imagery is acquired and how to identify different wetland types from air photos. Following in-class sessions, students were led on a field trip to a local wetland where they acted as "citizen scientists." The fifth-graders were able to collect information of plant life and record GPS coordinates for the location of invasive Phragmites. Upon returning to the classroom students were able to upload the data they collected to a web-based map tied to a Phragmites database maintained by scientists at the Michigan Tech Research Institute.

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IAGLR 58th Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research