Satellite-based assessment of nutrient status and benthic algae distribution in eastern Georgian Bay

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Satellite remote sensing data were used to produce a suite of water quality and vegetation products for the eastern portion of Georgian Bay, including a time series of submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) distribution maps and monthly maps of lake surface temperature and color producing agents. The overall purpose of this initiative was to summarize and synthesize environmental information on the study area that is available from existing remote sensing products developed by MTRI and to fine-tune those products for Georgian Bay conditions. Field data collected in southeastern Georgian Bay in July 2014 were used to validate these products. The data indicate that while water clarity has greatly increased in the Bay in recent decades, the expansion in SAV cover has been limited, in contrast with the nuisance growth in many other parts of the Great Lakes Basin. At the same time, the chlorophyll concentration in the Bay has declined steadily since the early 2000s.

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IAGLR 58th Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research