Enabling Increased Sharing of Great Lakes Remote Sensing Data.

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Remote sensing products of the Great Lakes provide opportunities for more synoptic coverage of important attributes of lentic waters. The Michigan Tech Research Institute has developed the "Satellite Derived Great Lakes Remote Sensing" web portal to make it easier for interested scientists, citizens, agencies, and others to access these products through user-friendly geospatial visualization. Derived products include photic zone depth, Kd490, chlorophyll, suspended minerals, color dissolved organic matter, dissolved organic carbon, harmful algal bloom extent, lake surface temperature, and natural color imagery. Data have been extended temporally by analyzing archival MODIS imagery back to 2002. MTRI has been working closely with the Great Lakes Observing System, the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab, and others to increase access to these and other remote sensing data. Web mapping services have been integrated with the new GLOS Data Portal as a demonstration of improved data sharing.

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IAGLR's 60th annual Conference on Great Lakes Research