Near real time HABs observations in lake Erie Using a lightweight portable radiometer.

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Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs) are an ongoing water quality concern for water treatment management in Lake Erie and involve both remote and direct sensing of water conditions throughout the HABs season. As part of a multi-institutional collaboration with NASA, an inexpensive, Lightweight Portable Radiometer (LPR) system was built using commercial off the shelf parts. This system is used to perform near real time hyperspectral radiance and irradiance measurements at a remote location accessible only by boat in the Western Basin of Lake Erie. Sampling frequency is on sixty second intervals for up to several hours per day, daily, for a period of over three months. Observations from this system reveal daily and seasonal variations in atmospheric and water quality conditions, including highly local HABs surface scum.

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IAGLR's 60th annual Conference on Great Lakes Research