Spatial and temporal patterns of inherent optical properties in western lake Erie for 2015 and 2016

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Weekly measurements of inherent optical properties (IOPs) were made by NOAA/GLERL and MTRI at sites in western Lake Erie from May through October in 2015 and 2016. Water column IOP measurements of absorption and scattering were made using a WetLabs AC-S and BB-9 respectively. A Satlantic hyperspectral profiling radiometer was also deployed to measure water column reflectance and attenuation. Hyperspectral surface reflectance was also measured with a Satlantic Hypergun. Coincident water samples were collected and analyzed for concentrations of chlorophyll, phycocyanin, TSS, and CDOM absorption. These suites of measurements are invaluable for the calibration and validation of remote sensing water quality algorithms. The objective of collecting these timeseries observations is to document the spatio-temporal variations in IOPs due to prolific blooms of harmful cyanobacteria (cyanoHABs) in Lake Erie. Significant differences in absorption spectra were observed throughout the observation period and between years. These observed differences are attributed to fluctuations in cyanoHAB extent and concentration but also from the periodic occurrence of large sediment plumes from the Maumee River. These measurements were able to capture the differences in IOPs resulting from a severe cyanoHAB event in 2015 and a mild event in 2016.

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IAGLR's 60th annual Conference on Great Lakes Research