North Slope long-term monitoring summary list to support gap analysis

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An interactive, online summary of long-term monitoring studies across the North Slope of Alaska have been compiled by the North Slope Science Initiative (NSSI) and are available on the NSSI web portal (www.northslope. org/monitoring/). This summary effort is being conducted by the NSSI to inventory existing long-term monitoring studies on the North Slope in order to identify gaps in monitoring and to support scenario development. Listed studies must meet the criteria of long-term monitoring defi ned as multiple collections of the same variable over a period of 10 years or longer by comparable methodology on the North Slope of Alaska and in adjacent waters. Studies meeting this criterion may be added through the interactive web portal referenced above. Corrections and additions to listed studies are also encouraged. We will present the interactive web portal and the functionality to view individual study details and interactively sort and create summary statistics.

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Arctic Observing Summit 2013