Overview of remote sensing and GIS activities on the North Slope

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This presentation will summarize the findings of the North Slope Science Initiative (NSSI), Remote Sensing and GIS Subgroup. The North Slope Science Initiative is an inter-agency effort to increase collaboration at the local, state, and federal levels to address the research, inventory, and monitoring needs as they relate to oil and gas development activities on the North Slope. The NSSI Oversight Group identified Remote Sensing and GIS as priority areas for the NSSI, and the Subgroup was formed to provide recommendations to the NSSI in these fields. The Subgroup summarized the suite of remote sensing satellite, airborne, and ground-based systems available to characterize North Slope land and ocean conditions. The committee also identified 88 GIS systems that addressed North Slope issues, as well as generated a draft list of layers for a dedicated NSSI GIS that will be part of GINA. Over the past year, the NSSI Remote Sensing and GIS Subgroup has conducted meetings to identify North Slope remote sensing and GIS requirements and to address goals, objectives, functionality, and content of a North Slope information management system. The Subgroup used interviews, short courses, and focus group meetings as a means to solicit input from stakeholders.

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2007 Arctic Science Conference