Estimation of absorption and backscatter values from in-situ radiometric water measurements

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Water color remote sensing algorithms for case II waters like the Great Lakes require accurate characterization of the inherent optical properties (IOPs) within the water column to successfully estimate concentrations of chlorophyll (chl), dissolved organic carbon (doc), and suspended minerals(sm). IOP coefficients (i.e. absorption and backscatter) necessary to create hydro-optical(HO) models for each of the Great Lakes can be measured directly using expensive in situ instrumentation (such as ac-s and bb9) or derived from in situ radiometric measurements of light entering and exiting the water surface (ie. Ed and Lu) . We have utilized data collected from a Satlantic Profiling Radiometer and the MODIS satellite to generate through a model, absorption and backscatter values for CHL, and SM and absorption for the visible portion of DOC (CDOM) for data collected in 2010 on Lakes Michigan and Huron. These calculated values were then compared to coincident in situ measurements of the absorption and backscatter for the three parameters.

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IAGLR 54th Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research