Economical High-speed Inspection Line for Tin-capped Glass Vials

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Department of Applied Computing


Vial cap inspection includes checking for missing caps, vial height or any other damage. Possible failures could be seemingly minor cosmetic problems, such as scratches or tiny punctures which could indicate potential seal problems and inappropriate height. The paper and the respective project target the over-priced setup used for high-speed inspection of glass vials in the pharma industry and offer a more economical layout/setup that can prove the same efficiency as any high sophisticated setup costing thousands of dollars. We replace the camera vision normally used in these systems by infrared radiation sensors which are easily integrated with Programmable Logic Controllers and are cheaper than the camera vision systems. We used ladder logic programming to compute for bad and good parts on the conveyer system.

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2024 16th International Conference on Computer and Automation Engineering (ICCAE)