Physical and mechanical properties of different beech wood species grown at various climate conditions: A review

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Beech wood, renowned for its diverse applications spanning construction, flooring, furniture, veneer, and plywood, holds a paramount position among industrial wood species. Nevertheless, the myriad of beech species worldwide, coupled with the dynamic impact of climate change, have produced structural variations within beech trees. Extensive research has scrutinized the physical and mechanical attributes of beech wood species across the globe. Findings reveal distinguishable mechanical strength, yet increased density leads to notable rates of shrinkage and swelling, somewhat constraining its utility in select domains. Identifying research gaps can create new efforts aimed at exploiting the potential of these wood resources. This paper outperforms a mere exploration of beech wood properties over the past two decades; it delves into the ramifications of climatic fluctuations, temperature shifts, wind dynamics, and soil composition. Given the lack of a comprehensive compendium documenting the full range of physical, mechanical, and microscopic attributes of the Fagus genus, this paper aims to compile information that integrates this multifaceted information.

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