New Avenues for Public Value Management and the Role of Nonprofit Policy Innovation Labs: Co-Experience and Social Media

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The past decade has witnessed the global rise of policy innovation labs (PILs), many of which are nonprofit organizations. Policymakers have promoted PILs as a novel approach to addressing press-ing economic and social issues. Concurrent with the growing importance of PILs has been the shift to public value management (PVM), which focuses on policy outcomes that benefit the public and the needs and problems in society. One relatively new process raised in the public management literature is co-experience, which considers stakeholders' engagement with public policies or pro-grams within the broader context of life experience. This, the authors argue, is an important con-tribution to public value creation. Social media platforms such as Twitter (now X) are one tool that PILs can employ to assess and develop stakeholder co-experience. The authors analyzed 13,009 Twitter messages largely generated by stakeholders relating to 42 U.S.-based PILs.

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Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research