Participatory Food Provisioning via Emerging Technologies: Revisiting Prosumption and Value Creation Beyond the Anthropocene

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This commentary offers a timely exploration of participatory food provisioning via emerging food technologies. Through an in-depth analysis of case studies of these technologies, we elucidate the changing nature of prosumption in orchestrating food market provisioning. Our investigation highlights a shift toward a non-anthropocentric vision of market provisioning, where value creation transcends human-centered paradigms to include alliances between humans, technology, and nature. By articulating the nuanced dynamics and outcomes of these alliances in the food market, we propose a reimagined perspective on value creation, urging macromarketing scholars to consider the broader implications of technology-driven, participatory food systems. Ultimately, we emphasize the necessity of integrating human and non-human stakeholders in the discourse on value creation, and challenge conventional notions of control, democratization, and sociality within prevailing food-provisioning systems.

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Journal of Macromarketing