Circular economy and supply chain sustainability

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Pollution, climate change, and the loss of natural resources are still major concerns that must be addressed immediately. More and more, industries are realizing they need to include sustainability, social responsibility, circular economy, and ethical sourcing in their operations. This chapter aims to highlight how principles of the circular economy ideas-reducing, reusing, recycling, and recovering-may help to develop a sustainable supply chain, which is crucial in addressing these urgent concerns from the industry revolution. Apart from environmental considerations, industrial innovation, and sustainability inside supply chains, this chapter also describes those techniques (data analytics, blockchain, internet of things [IoT], artificial intelligence [AI], etc.) with the principles of the circular economy. Practicing circular economy with supply chain management sustainability within the industry and working towards a future that is more egalitarian, ecologically aware, and resilient is highlighted in this chapter.

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Strategic Innovations for Dynamic Supply Chains


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