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CASE SERIES SUMMARY: This case series describes six cases involving seven cats naturally infected with Cytauxzoon felis in Indiana, USA. Medical records were retrospectively reviewed and all available information on signalment, history, clinical and diagnostic findings, treatment, outcome and pathology was reported. Cats infected with C felis were domestic shorthairs, were aged between 2 and 9 years and all but one of the cats were male. The seven infected cats originated from five counties in southwestern Indiana. Six of seven cats were found to have acute cytauxzoonosis based on clinical signs, gross pathologic lesions, observation of C felis in tissues and/or detection of C felis DNA. One cat was identified as a subclinical survivor cat with no known clinical history of cytauxzoonosis.

RELEVANCE AND NOVEL INFORMATION: The reported cases are the first confirmed reports of acute and chronic cytauxzoonosis in cats from Indiana and document an expansion in the range of C felis. Veterinary practitioners in Indiana should consider infection with C felis as a differential diagnosis for cats that present with fever, inappetence, lethargy, depression, dehydration, dyspnea, hemolytic crisis, anorexia or icterus. Administration of approved acaricides to cats currently offers the best protection and control against C felis infection.

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Journal of feline medicine and surgery

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