WEC Array Optimization with Multi-Resonance and Phase Control of Electrical Power Take-Off

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


This new research provides transformative marine energy technology to effectively power the blue economy. Harmonizing the energy capture and power from Wave Energy Converter (WEC) arrays require innovative designs for the buoy, electric machines, energy storage systems (ESS), and coordinated onshore electric power grid (EPG) integration. This paper introduces two innovative elements that are co-designed to extract the maximum power from; i) individual WEC buoys with a multi-resonance controller design and ii) synchronized with power packet network phase control through the physical placement of the WEC arrays reducing ESS requirements. MATLAB/Simulink models were created for the WEC array dynamics and control systems with Bretschneider irregular wave spectrum as inputs. The numerical simulation results show that for ideal physical WEC buoy array phasing of 60 degrees the ESS peak power and energy capacity requirements are minimized while the multi-resonant controllers optimize EPG power output for each WEC buoy.

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