The optimal control with implicit phase coordination of a collective of wind turbines

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


The following paper details an optimal control algorithm that coordinates a small collective of wind turbines. The algorithm consists of a reduced order model (ROM) of the wind turbine collective, a discretization of the resulting state equations using a collocation method, and an optimization formulation that guides the collective's behavior. In order to validate this algorithm, the paper provides results from a scenario where two separate three turbine collectives are connected via a transmission line. Combined with energy storage, each collective delivers a constant amount of power to the grid while simultaneously coordinating their performance to bound any excessive fluctuations in the voltage. This scenario suggests that a collective of wind turbines, combined with energy storage, can be coordinated to provide a constant amount of power with consistent voltage to the grid in spite of rapidly changing wind conditions.

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21st Wind & Solar Integration Workshop (WIW 2022)