A Novel Approach for Specification and Verification of Symmetric Distributed Algorithms Using SPIN

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Department of Computer Science


This paper focuses on the challenges of modeling and verifying symmetric distributed algorithms with point-to-point and bidirectional communications using the SPIN model checker. In this paper, we first state the problems of implementing the model of such algorithms in the Promela language. Then, we present a solution for each of these problems, where these solutions present a hybrid data structure that facilitates the definition of any set of variables or channels as a matrix. Also, we model and verify one of the valuable and practical algorithms called the causal broadcast (CB) algorithm as a case study using the proposed method. In addition, we specify the main properties of the CB algorithm, namely validity, integrity, causal delivery, and termination, in Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) and then verify them using the SPIN model checker.

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2024 3rd International Conference on Distributed Computing and High Performance Computing, DCHPC 2024