Design of Recycled Aluminium (AA7075)-Based Composites Reinforced with Nano Filler NiAl Intermetallic and Nano Niobium Powder Produced with Vacuum Arc Melting for Aeronautical Applications

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


In the frame of the common research project, the mechanical properties of recycled gas atomized scrap aluminium (AA 7075)-based composites reinforced with nano filler NiAl intermetallic and niobium (Nb) elements have been evaluated. Firstly, the mixture was homogenized by means of a ball milling process for 4 hours. After cold compaction of the compositions, the final specimens have been produced with “vacuum arc melting” for aeronautical applications. Static and dynamic compression tests have been conducted. Additional tensile tests have also been carried out. Experimental results were compared with a finite element method. The interface and microstructure of these composites have also been evaluated by a scanning electron microscopy.

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Nanofillers for Sustainable Applications