Understanding Age-Friendliness in Urban Built Environments: A Bibliometric Analysis and Visualization

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Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering


Population ageing becomes an unprecedented demographic challenge and creates significant pressure on urban built environments. As such, it is necessary to enhance the adaptability of built environment for the elderly. During the past few decades, this topic has gained increasing attention from the academia, which results in fragmented, numerous, and diverse body of knowledge. This study aims to gain an in-depth comprehension of the knowledge domain and research trends in this field through a bibliometric analysis. A total of 1,021 journal articles were mined by Scopus and entered the visual metrics tool, Vosviewer, to generate scientific maps. As a result, the main research sources, papers, and topics in this research domain were quantified. This study contributes to understanding the age-friendliness in urban built environments by systematically analysing the extracted key literature, as well as providing some directions for future studies and suggestions for building age-friendly cities responding to population aging.

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ICCREM 2023: The Human-Centered Construction Transformation - Proceedings of the International Conference on Construction and Real Estate Management 2023