Evaluation of Restricted Earth-Fault Transformer Differential Protection Schemes Through an Experimental Test Bench

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


This paper presents an experimental test bench for generating events and faults in a three-phase transformer assembled in a laboratory for the purpose of validating performance of two restricted earth-fault (REF) differential protection algorithms: a conventional method, based on phasors; and a high-frequency-components-based algorithm, which uses the wavelet transform. The high-frequency-based method performed well, detecting all faults rapidly, whereas the phasor-based method failed to detect the fault during a transformer energization event, besides to presenting greater delays than wavelet-based one. The results indicate the feasibility of the experimental test bench in generate representative cases to the validation of existing restricted earth-fault transformer differential protection schemes.

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2023 Workshop on Communication Networks and Power Systems, WCNPS 2023