Sustainable solutions for clean water: Green synthesized Cu-Ag-Bimetallic nanoparticles based nano catalyst

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Department of Physics


The green synthesis of copper (Cu)-silver (Ag) bimetallic nanoparticles (Cu-Ag BMNPs) using Argyreia nervosa (AN) plant leaf extract as a dual reducing and stabilizing agent is an eco-friendly and sustainable method with significant potential for diverse photo-catalytic applications. This study explores the photo-catalytic activity of biosynthesized Cu-Ag-BMNPs employing methylene blue (MB) dye under visible light. FTIR analysis reveals bio-functional groups and chemical bands, while SEM and XRD analyses provide morphological and structural details. UV–Vis spectroscopy indicates absorption peaks at 300–350 nm for CuNPs, 350–550 nm for AgNPs, and 400–550 nm for Cu-Ag-BMNPs, with an optical band gap of 3.6 eV. The results demonstrate an 85% dye degradation rate, underscoring the efficiency of Cu-Ag-BMNPs as photo-catalysts for environmentally friendly remediation. We assessed the rate constant governing the degradation of MB dye by Cu-Ag-BMNPs, employing the pseudo-first-order kinetics model. This green synthesis approach not only minimizes hazardous chemical use but also leverages the inherent bioactive properties of the plant extract, showcasing promise in addressing water pollution through organic contaminant removal.

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Materials Science and Engineering: B