Recent advancements of human-centered design in building engineering: A comprehensive review

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Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering


The prevailing impact of built environments on human well-being has long been a pivotal point of interest, particularly within the domain of human-centered design (HCD) in building engineering. While early discussions on human-oriented building engineering were primarily anchored in industrial-economic aspects, knowledge in this area remains fragmented, even as the focus has shifted to emphasize accessibility, green designs, and the rise of intelligent buildings. To provide a comprehensive overview of the knowledge domain, this study endeavors uncover the latest advancements in HCD by systematically reviewing literature from 2010 to 2023. Using bibliometric techniques and qualitative analysis, this research presents a comprehensive view of the current state of HCD in building engineering. The study identifies six predominant areas of research focus, highlighting diverse perspectives in HCD: perception of the physical environment, indoor environmental behavior, energy sustainability, communication and information exchange, user satisfaction, and indoor air quality (IAQ) health risks. This review offers invaluable insights for scholars and designers, illuminating both the current state and prospective future directions of HCD in built environments.

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Journal of Building Engineering