Panel: Busting a Career Move? When and Why or Why Not?

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College of Computing; Department of Chemical Engineering


Across our careers as academic faculty and/or administrators, we all wonder: When is it time to move on? Should we move on? How do we move on? This panel is focused on addressing these questions. Panelists will include all perspectives. Individuals will provide insights into a) choosing not to move on and remain at an institution, and b) choosing and explaining why they moved on. Panelists will explore what benefits and costs arose from each decision. While diverse panelists will be selected, the organizers realize that the panelists offer only their own experiences, and so there will be focused time for questions and input from the participants. A broad range of experiences and wisdoms regarding this challenging decision will be shared. Please join us for a focused discussion on career self-authorship.

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2020 ASEE Virtual Conference Content Access