Panel: Opportunities and Methods to Encourage More Women Toward Research Commercialization

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Department of Engineering Fundamentals; Department of Chemical Engineering


Recent reports and analyses have identified that women tend to commercialize research, engage with industry/entrepreneurship at a much lower rate than men do. This panel will bring together individuals with experience at all stages of the process to talk about a) The current disparities in technology transfer by gender b) Existing programs striving to correct the disparity c) The process from research lab to production d) Resources that are available to fund the technology transfer process Panelists will include an individual from a university technology transfer office, a program coordinator for a women entrepreneurship program, successful academics at various stages of the technology transfer process and non-­‐academic entrepreneurs who can describe the challenges associated with commercializing technologies. The paper will include questions in the four categories above and responses from each of the panelists such that the wisdom from this session can be archived for future reference.