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2D materials, such as graphene, MXenes (metal carbides and nitrides), graphdiyne (GDY), layered double hydroxides, and black phosphorus, are widely used as electrocatalyst supports for alcohol oxidation reactions (AORs) owing to their large surface area and unique 2D charge transport channels. Furthermore, the development of highly efficient electrocatalysts for AORs via tuning the structure of 2D support materials has recently become a hot area. This article provides a critical review on modification strategies to develop 2D material-based electrocatalysts for AOR. First, the principles and influencing factors of electrocatalytic oxidation of alcohols (such as methanol and ethanol) are introduced. Second, surface molecular functionalization, heteroatom doping, and composite hybridization are deeply discussed as the modification strategies to improve 2D material catalyst supports for AORs. Finally, the challenges and perspectives of 2D material-based electrocatalysts for AORs are outlined. This review will promote further efforts in the development of electrocatalysts for AORs.

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