Time-Domain Analysis Of Harmonics On 20-Bus System Due To GMD

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


In this paper harmonic currents that are introduced in a system due to geomagnetic induced current (GIC) are studied for a 20-bus system. When a transformer is subjected to a DC bias during a geomagnetic disturbance event (GMD) it leads to an effect known as half-cycle saturation. Due to this, reactive power consumption increases and the transformer also starts to draw exciting current rich in harmonic contents. It is well known that excess harmonic currents can cause issues such as increased losses, misoperation of power system protection, equipment overheating, and damage to capacitor banks in the power network. An important consideration while doing harmonic analysis during GIC is the detailed core modeling of a transformer, since characteristics of harmonic current depend on the nonlinear effects of core saturation. Time-domain simulations are conducted in ATPDraw of EMTP-ATP to analyze harmonics in 20-bus system. This is useful in understanding how the harmonics behave with respect to time which can determine what corrective actions can be taken to reduce the detrimental effects of GIC on a system.

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2023 North American Power Symposium, NAPS 2023