Initiating and Sustaining a Digital Humanities Laboratory in Nigeria

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Book Chapter

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Department of Humanities


This chapter examines a typical digital humanities laboratory, a combination of physical and virtual infrastructure that incubates academic, research, technical, digital, administrative, and intellectual facilities through which DH projects are managed and sustained. With empirical data drawn from some of the DH initiatives at the University of Lagos, we discuss the existing state of such labs in Nigeria in relation to infrastructure, access, development, and the application of DH tools for knowledge production and dissemination. The chapter throws some light on the programmes, problems, and possibilities of initiating and sustaining digital humanities in Nigeria. It equally stresses the critical role of the digital research environment to promote collaborative and interdisciplinary research projects in this new orientation, especially in under-resourced and under-represented communities. The chapter submits that for DH labs to survive and thrive in emerging spaces such as Nigeria and other parts of the Global South, favourable policies and more support from stakeholders and international partners must be deployed.

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Digital Humanities and Laboratories: Perspectives on Knowledge, Infrastructure and Culture