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A review of past, current, and emerging electric vehicle (EV) propulsion system technologies and their integration is the focus of this paper, namely, the matching of electric motor (EM) and transmission (TRM) to meet basic requirements and performance targets. The fundaments of EM and TRM matching from a tractive effort and a vehicle dynamics perspective are provided as an introductory context to available or near-production propulsion system products available from OEM and Tier 1 suppliers. Engineering data and details regarding EM and TRM combinations are detailed with a specific focus on volumetric and mass density. Evolutionary trends in EM and TRM technologies have been highlighted and summarized through current and emerging products. The paper includes an overview of the initial EV propulsion system’s sizing and selection for a set of simple requirements that are provided through an examination of three light-duty EV applications. An enterprise approach to developing electrified propulsion modules with suitable applicability to a range of light-duty EVs from compact cars to full-size trucks concludes the paper.

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