Validation of LES-C turbulence models

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Department of Mathematical Sciences


A new family of turbulence models, Large Eddy Simulation with Correction (LES-C) has been proposed in Labovsky (2020), that reduces the modeling error by treating an LES model as a defect solution and then correcting it on the same spatial mesh. Herein, we investigate numerically several LES-C models, that stem from popular LES approaches: Approximate Deconvolution Model (ADM), Leray-α, NS-α, and NS-ω. The resulting LES-C models ADC, Leray-α-C, NS-α-C and NS-ω-C are tested on the two-dimensional problems (flow past a circular object, flow past a step) and on the three-dimensional benchmark problem of turbulent channel flow. In all the numerical tests all LES-C models are shown to outperform their LES counterparts on coarse spatial meshes.

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Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering