Estimation of elastic bandgaps in metastructures: A comparison of physics-based and data-driven approaches

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


Metastructures are an emerging solution for applications in aerospace, industry, and robotics, as they inhibit the propagation of elastic waves within a specific frequency range called the “bandgap”. Accurate estimation of bandgaps is crucial for optimizing metastructures for specific purposes. Two approaches have been traditionally used: physics-based modeling, which requires precise characterization of the unit cell's physical properties, and data-driven methods based on steady-state dynamic response. This study compares the effectiveness of data-driven methods (Component Mode Synthesis and FRF-Based Substructuring) with traditional physics-based methods for identifying bandgaps in multi-unit cell metastructures. We also validate the identified bandgaps using experimental reading-based methods. Our goal is to determine a more efficient and accurate approach for identifying bandgaps in metastructures, with potential implications across various fields.

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Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing