ESR absorption spectrum of Gd3+ in single crystal Y2O3

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Two electron-spin-resonance absorption spectra, each due to trivalent gadolinium, have been observed in single crystals of yttria, Y2O3. These spectra were observed at room temperature, 77 K, and 4.2 K with a spectrometer operating at 0.85-cm wavelength. One of these spectra exhibits trigonal symmetry with its principal direction being parallel to a crystal body diagonal. The other spectrum exhibits orthorhombic symmetry whose three mutually orthogonal directions are along a crystal cube edge and two crystal face diagonals. Both spectra exhibit resolved hyperfine structure. Fine-structure and hyperfine-structure parameters are given for both spectra. For the orthorhombic gadolinium ion, a slight displacement in the fine-structure spectrum of Gd157 from the spectrum due to the even-numbered isotopes is observed. This displacement can be expressed as a relative increase of about six parts in 104 in the value of B20. No analogous shift is observed in the trigonal spectrum of Gd157. © 1982 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review B