Electron affinities and [Formula Presented] f values for 11 bound states of [Formula Presented] formed by [Formula Presented] and [Formula Presented] attachment

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Relativistic configuration-interaction calculations, including valence and some shallow core-valence correlation indicate that [Formula Presented] has 11 bound states. The seven odd states arising from 6p attachment have electron affinities (in meV) of 462 [Formula Presented] 235 [Formula Presented] and 56 [Formula Presented] The remaining four bound states are even [Formula Presented] attachments with electron affinities (EA’s) of 434 [Formula Presented] and 62 [Formula Presented] The majority of these levels are reported here for the first time. Two of these EA’s are in good agreement with the recent experimental values of Covington et al. [J. Phys. B 31, L855 (1998)]. The largest [Formula Presented] f value is [Formula Presented]. © 1999 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics