Hyperfine-structure studies of Nb ii: Experimental and relativistic configuration-interaction results

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We report an experimental and theoretical study of the hyperfine structure (hfs) in various metastable states in Nb93 ii. Hyperfine structures of five levels in Nb ii have been measured using a combination of the laser-rf double resonance and laser-induced fluorescence methods in a collinear laser-ion-beam geometry. Theoretically, for J=2, a multireference calculation of energies and hfs based on a relativistic configuration-interaction methodology of the lowest ten levels in the (4d+5s)4 manifold is reported. The average energy error is 450 cm-1. Many of the hyperfine constants show large changes from the Dirac-Fock values and the magnetic dipole constant has a 4% accuracy for the one J=2 level measured. We have also identified all the core-valence and core-core effects that dominate the energy differences and hfs. © 1995 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review A