(CdSe) ZnS core shell quantum dots decorated zinc oxide nanowires for solar energy harvesting applications

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Department of Physics, Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


ZnO nanostructures have proven to be versatile functional materials with promising electronic, piezoelectric and optical properties. Here, we report on the application of (CdSe) ZnS Core Shell quantum dots decorated ZnO Nanowires (ZnONWs) and Nanobelts (NBs) in solar energy harvesting. Results indicate that both as grown and decorated ZnO Nanostructures are photoactive, have a fast response time and generate photocurrent under excitation in a photoelectrochemical cell setup. An order of magnitude enhancement in the photocurrent response of (CdSe) ZnS Core Shell quantum dots decorated ZnONBs is seen as compared to response from as grown ZnONBs. Generated photocurrent decreases with time but stabilizes at higher value for (CdSe) ZnS Core Shell quantum dots coated ZnONBs. Detailed performances of these devices are discussed.

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