Ab initio electric dipole f values for Fe II (3d + 4s) < sup> 7 J ≤ 9/2 → (3d + 4s) < sup> 6 4p J ≤ 11/2 transitions

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Relativistic configuration interaction f values have been obtained for all transitions between the energetically lowest 17 J ≤ 9/2 and the lowest 27 J ≤ 11/2 (odd) levels. Thirty-five of these f values exceed 0.01 and are published here. The 3d5(4G)4s4p z 6G (z 6H) levels have been located for the first time. Many of the odd levels are so nearly degenerate that the introduction of small semiempirical corrections is necessary. Landé g-values are calculated for all levels and a systematic way of estimating radial convergence is introduced. © 2007 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics