Relativistic configuration interaction calculations of lifetimes of Si < sup> - 3p < sup> 3 bound excited states

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Relativistic configuration interaction lifetimes of Si- 3p32D3/2, 2P1/2 and 2D5/2 states are calculated (using M1 and E2 length gauge transition probabilities) to be 162 s, 23.6 s and 27.3 h, respectively. Detailed analysis of individual configurational contributions to transition probabilities are used to improve the bases of the 4S3/22D3/2 calculations resulting in excellent E2 gauge agreement and a final M1 transition probability that is nearly three orders of magnitude larger than its initial Dirac-Fock value. Relatively poor E2 gauge agreement for transitions between the two J = 3/2 states and 2P1/2 are found to have negligible impact on the 2P1/2 lifetime, as length gauge transition probabilities remain stable in the final stages of the calculation (changing only by a few per cent while the velocity value shifts by 30% or more).

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Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics